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 Advanced Seminar for Int…  Advanced Seminar of Inte…
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January 10, 2011, a motor vehicle parts (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a group from Germany in September 2006 to invest in China's wholly-owned enterprises, the total registered capital of $ 15,000,000, the total investment capital contribution of $ 29.8 millionof the total land area of ​​50,000 square meters factory area...
  Course System 2012-07-20
  Advanced application and simulation and analog practice of design of experiment (DOE) 2012-07-19
  Practical Operation Technologies for QCC Quality Control Circles 2012-07-19
  Advanced seminar for internationally registered quality managers 2012-07-19
  Seven Classes Necessary for 7C-Outstanding Quality Directors 2012-07-19
  7+5 Field Quality Analysis and Improvement Technologies 2012-07-19
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INTL FCStone Inc 中德安联人寿保险有限公司
Citigroup Bank of America
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美国康宝莱国际公司 美国GNC健安喜保健品
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戴尔公司 中国三星电子
Research in Motion 苹果公司
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America Quality Institute (short as “AQI”) is subordinate to International Public Interest Quality Organization advocated to be organized by Mr. William Edwards Deming, October 1900 to December 1993) in 1968, a great master of quality in the world. The head office is located in California, the USA. Up to the end of 2007, as many as 6800 customers around the world have been instructed and supported by America Quality Institute (AQI)..

He is the president of American Academy of Quality, bachelor of arts at Stanford University, and doctor of the Faculty of Law of C
Vilfredo Chang
He is vice president and certified chairman of American Academy of Quality, and chief consultant for Top Doctorial Management of t
Francis .J is a global vice president of Best Practices Company and general manager for the Region of Asia. Best Practices Company
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