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Advanced seminar for internationally registered quality managers
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Many facts of successful enterprises prove that quality and quality management has made tremendous contributions towards organization performance. It is intended to effectively reduce costs of systematic operation, to reduce risks in internal management within enterprises, to increase the reliability of products/services so as to be dedicated to helping enterprises in China to foster senior personnel in quality management. Training and registration systems for quality managers have been established in different parts of the world. In order to cater for demands for senior talents in quality in China, experienced experts have referenced related courses and registration requirements and have developed knowledge outlines and related courses of quality managers in China in the light of practical conditions of China expected to control practical skills of quality management by analysis of Chinese style quality, construction of top quality teams, construction of top efficient quality management systems and quality improvement promotion to change from “consequential” management to “process” control to completely and thoroughly control the ability to control quality management efficiency and total costs.


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