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Advanced application and simulation and analog practice of design of experiment (DOE)
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Design of Experiment (short as DOE) is a kind of methods for rational arrangement of tests based on the theory of probability and mathematical and physical statistics. Correct conclusions are drawn by efficient and economized acquisition of data and information as well as scientific analysis and treatment. Manufacturing and designing departments of modern enterprises often use it to solve issues in design, production and service flows, especially in some enterprises promoting continued improvements, it is indeed a powerful tool to improve quality and stabilize flows. This course tells how to apply all ways of experiment to product and manufacturing process design, to reduce all differences in processes so as to make products and manufacturing process design perfect. To refer to design of experiment, many people will think of its profound theories making people afraid to approach it. The characteristics of this course: while theories are focused on, it is more necessary to analyze it and coordinate with the application of software by using a great number of cases so that trainees understand the application of various DOE theories. With emphasis on practice developing from the shallow to the profound theories, more cases and practices, trainees can control systematic thinking and core skills of experimental designs very easily in practices.

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