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He is the president of American Academy of Quality, bachelor of arts at Stanford University, and doctor of the Faculty of Law of Colombia University. He is a professor of quality engineering at Wharton University quality, where he is conferred the tile of Prof. David W. Hauck, chairman of Quality Management Research Center, deputy professor of law of Pitney Bowes Term, and deputy director chief of University of Pennsylvania for American and African Research Project. He acted as a global quality tutor for Sony Corporation, global vice president for Dell Computer, the USA, and global executive president for ITT Telecommunication Company, USA. As an officer in management,....
Vilfredo Chang
He is vice president and certified chairman of American Academy of Quality, and chief consultant for Top Doctorial Management of the USA, with 20 years of experience in quality management implementation, consulting and training. He has been acting as senior quality consultant for famous enterprises such as SONY and Honeywell, with remarkable accomplishments made in project implementation and consulting. He is a world famous quality control expert having provided a great number of world famous enterprises with consulting and training in respect of quality cost reduction. He has cut poorly executed cost for a great many enterprises in China and the USA, and has taught personnel in quality to use financial languages to carry out effective dialogs with bosses. Over...
Francis .J is a global vice president of Best Practices Company and general manager for the Region of Asia. Best Practices Company is one of Fortune 500 transnational providers of in logistics and transportation service. Francis.J has been admitted to Best Practices Company as an international legal consultant since 1986, and has played a more and more important role in legal affairs and management. Francis.J used to act as a chief legal consultant for global supply chain services for the head office of the company located in California. He works in London, Germany, Holland and other European regions. The European team of Best Practices Company led by Francis.J have excellent performance, and he also takes an active part in the management of international....
Enrico Woo
He is a chief consultant and course design director of the zone of China of American Academy of Quality, and boasts more than ten years of experiences in the consulting industry. Since 2000, he has provided consulting services for more than 450 enterprises of different backgrounds from different industries and sectors. Such enterprises include those from Top 500 in the world and famous enterprises in China, such as Baoguang Group, Haier, Dell, Good Baby Group and Wistron Group. He is a qualified lecturer authorized by American International Certification Association; he graduated from Hong Kong Asia Business College as a master of advanced business administration,...
Waley Wong
He is a secretary general and vice president in global technologies for American Academy of Quality. He is good at the utility and pertinence of courses, with fluency and activeness in giving lectures, and with the combination of psychology, NLP technologies, linguistic adjustment techniques and business administration all rolled into one, so points of view are unique. The experience learning method he establishes is used for lectures so that trainees are able to master key points of courses from their experience. “The truth is told by fewer words but falsehood must be treated by rolls of books; simplicity is wisdom; so profoundness is the soul and simplicity is the law” so that trainees are able to apply..
Stanley Chiu
He is the director and senior lecturer of the China zone training of American Academy of Quality. He is good at the performance of practical training in the enforceability of teams, strategic thinking, marketing levels, etc in the light of practical conditions of enterprises as well as huge interactions and profile explanation characterized by instant effects, so his courses are famed by entrepreneurs as courses with “instant effects”. The companies for which he has provided consulting and training: China Green Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd, China Unicom, Legend Group Ltd, Haier Group, LG Group, Beijing Shopin Retail Development Co., Ltd, Beijing Hualian, Beijing Wumart Group, Century Jingu Business Co., Ltd, Beijing Dongke Group, Beijing Senxin Group, and Shandong Blue Sky Group.
Heng Hng
He is a senior lecturer of the zone of China of American Academy of Quality. The content of his lectures is focused on efficiency and caters for the practical demands of enterprises. He has rich practical experience in business administration, and is good at the combination of management theories with daily life and work. Moreover, he is humorous, enthusiastic with heated classroom atmosphere and very good enlightenment. He is the consultant for nearly one hundred enterprises, including Wuxi Siemens, Guangbao Group, Xiuyu Group, Baisheng Group, Yutong Electronics, Tianqiao Plastics, Tairu Plastics, Longyou Plastics, Yutong Wire Materials and he is the specialist to organize improvements of manufacturing process quality, with the optimal training in manufacturing processes, process improvement and establishment of cell lines and U-form production lines.
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